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Dental in Manila at GAOC




Hey everyone, today’s post is a recap of my time in Manila a couple of weeks ago. So it was my second time in the Philippines but this time I was there for some dental treatments at GAOC Dental. Apparently there are lots of Aussies who go overseas for dental tourism due to the massive savings and this was my first time going to a dentist overseas. I’m glad I was introduced to GAOC Dental and Dr Gan, a renowned dentist in the Philippines for his work with local celebrities and politicians. The dental experience was definitely a class above what I experience locally in Australia and they so kindly helped organised a mini trip back to Boracay for me! They have also helped booked a hotel just next to their Greenbelt clinic at Makati so it was really convenient for me. Anyway, here’s a share of my experience at GAOC!


So let’s start with a photo tour of GAOC Dental. Here’s the initial consult room where after an assessment and X-Ray of my teeth were done, followed with a discussion on what cosmetic changes I could do to further improve it. As you guys know I just got my braces six months ago but there a couple of problems I wanted to fix with my grinding issues and getting it whitened as well. My assessment was pretty straight forward cause my teeth are in pretty good health with a few cavities compared to Adrian’s who was getting a consult for wisdom teeth, veneers and whitening. All those would be pretty costly in Australia so you can see why we came to check it out in Manila. I can definitely see why it’s popular going overseas for dental now as it’s a lot more affordable in Manila and based on my experience here, the care and quality was pretty great.


So that was day 1 at the clinic. We came back the next day to get my teeth cleaned and change my fillings & cavities. I had a really massive filling that needed to be replaced because it was starting to show a bit of decay. It was a really big cavity that I developed when I was little. I guess I had a lot of sweet food and didn’t brush my teeth properly, and that molar tooth was almost all gone! I was probably around 10-12 when I first got it filled and it was such a horrible experience back then when I was a kid. I started taking care my teeth quite well since then I’ve have pretty decent set of teeth. Anyway so, I got my filling replaced and Dr. Sam noticed that the filling was really deep so she has to put me on local anesthetic for that tooth. I’m glad it was painless as I was honestly a little anxious about that tooth. Phew!


Here’s me getting prepped to get my teeth whitened the next day at the Bonifacio Branch. All my other treatments were done at the Greenbelt Branch which is in Makati. One thing I like about the experience here is that they’ve got massive TV’s in each room and I get to just chill and watch a movie each time I was there. I was watching Spy which I never got time to check out at the cinema! The view from the clinic is gorgeous too.


And finally here’s me with the lovely Dr Steve Mark Gan, the founder of GAOC who I had the pleasure of meeting. He has such a busy schedule and it was quite inspiring to see how passionate his work and clinics. He’s just someone who lives and breathes through his work and you can easily see why GAOC is a leading dental clinic just by spending 5 minutes with him. You can read lots more about himhere, and do let me know via email or in the comments if you have any questions about getting dental work done here and I’ll be happy to tell you more and hook you up.


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