GAOC: 5 Star Dental Clinic | Gan Advanced Osseointegation Center

GAOC: 5 Star Dental Clinic

GAOC: 5 Star Dental Clinic


First impressions matter and first dates are crucial, because if it doesn't go well, there probably won't be a second date. So what happens on first dates? A lot. But basically, you get to know the person beyond physical attraction, and you find out if you guys "click". The first date helps you determine if you want to know him/her more.

Just last week, we scheduled our "first date" with Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (or more popularly known as GAOC). It honestly felt like we were in a 5 star dental clinic! The place was immaculately clean, and all customers were treated like VIPs. They seriously have the best service everrr!!! (As seen on our Snapchat. Follow us: jayandsab_atw)

GAOC, The Residences, Greenbelt branch


We'll be sharing the 4 stages of our "first date" with GAOC:


Stage 1: Waiting and preparing (for the "date")

As soon as we entered the clinic, we were greeted by smiling receptionists. They asked us to sit while they prepared our rooms, and even offered us refreshments while waiting.

Some of the things you can do while waiting: watch tv, read magazines or dentistry medical books, check their pamphlets


Stage 2: Meeting and getting to know each other

Since it was our first time, we had to fill up a form (mostly about our dental history).


They led us to the consultation room where they asked more questions. They also did an assessment and x-ray of our teeth, followed with a discussion on what procedures that need to be done to improve it. (We'll share more about this in our next article. Stay tuned!)