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 This is GAOC Dental (Trinoma Branch)

I went here yesterday for a check up and cleaning. And they told me that i have to get braces :))

Im actually excited about it because I know that GAOC can fix my lower teeth and also because they're trusted as the best dentist here in Philippines. Photos that you will see is their clinic that I visited yesterday. Read more and join my GIVEAWAY

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 What I love about GAOC is that they're so friendly. all of them are so nice and approachable. And inside all of them were explaining to me how things work. My cleaning/check up was fun! Specially watching TV while they were doing my teeth. Try GAOC and see the difference. :)

 It's so clean and full of smiles inside.

 I love listerine, and its so cool to see this. LOL

 This is my bestfriend LOL

In the meantime, watching fast five while they were cleaning my teeth. awesome, right?

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