GAOC – Medical Plaza: A Comforting Dental Experience! Can’t Wait For My Next Visit! GAOC – Medical Plaza: A Comforting Dental Experience! Can’t Wait For My Next Visit! | Gan Advanced Osseointegation Center

GAOC – Medical Plaza: A Comforting Dental Experience! Can’t Wait For My Next Visit!

GAOC – Medical Plaza: A Comforting Dental Experience! Can’t Wait For My Next Visit!

 AUGUST 25, 2016 0

It’s not just a SMILE, It’s a STATEMENT

I’ll be sharing my short jaunt and comforting dental experience during my last visit a few weeks ago at GAOC’s flagship branch in Medical Plaza, Makati City.

You may check my previous post I shared a few months ago so that you will know why GAN ADVANCED OSSEOINTEGRATION CENTER (GAOC) is undeniably the most admired, advanced and premiere Dental Center in the Philippines. Likewise, you should get to know its iconic founder and famous dental surgeon, the very humble and amiable Dr. Steve Mark Gan.

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Going back…..

Every time I get an SMS message or a call from the friendly staff of GAOC, I’m always ecstatic to get the details about the time and day when I’m going to visit as well as the treatment I’ll be undergoing. Aside from that, they consistently ensure that the confirmed schedule should fit to client’s preference. The front service associate is vehemently finding ways to accommodate on the client’s convenient time. This is one of the reasons why I really like how they value the precious time of their clients.

When I checked my calendar, I seriously proposed 3 o’clock in the afternoon as it is the most convenient time for me (though the clinic is just walking distance where I live) and the staff warmly responded “It’s okay Sir, we will block 3 pm on Saturday for you. See you!”.




I arrived in the clinic on a calm and quiet afternoon, I was welcomed by the receptive, accommodating and well-trained front service associates namely Chai, Lisa and Delma. These dynamic ladies took their time out to assist all my needs informing me right away to wait for the attending dentist who will do my treatment (It’s actually okay because I really want to have a little time relaxing in the spacious and well-arranged reception area). As I wait for my dentist, the staff eventually offered me some refreshment as I’m comfortably sitting on the long comfy sofa in the lounge area while watching a movie in the giant TV screen. Oh yeah, they served complimentary drinks like juices, plain water, and Starbucks coffee (Yes, you read it right! The coffee beans they are using were bought in Starbucks).


One of the excellent features of the clinic (This is actually one of the things I look forward during my visit! Haha) aside from the first rate dental services are the generous complimentary refreshments and of course, the movie marathon (my favorite! Haha).





When I was informed that the dentist is now waiting for me, I obediently follow the staff going to the clean and freshly-scent room designed to provide personalized services to its client services, with a bonus background overlooking Makati area through the open glass wall where I’ll be having my treatment. I immediately went straight to the dental chair to prepare myself once the dentist gets in.




It was Dr. Chelsea Pyr Padin who handled and supervised my short yet relaxing treatment while watching of course a feel-good movie on the side. (I had a previous appointment with Dr. Chelsea in Greenbelt Branch before so I know how she is taking care of her patient passionately.)

Dr. Chelsea informed me that she did an Incipient Caries treatment which pertains purely to cavity check. I did a research about it which I want to share with you guys for general information.

Incipient Caries – One of the two distinct stages in the development of a carious dental lesion. The first stage is the incipient lesion, marked by the appearance of a white spot. Microscopic pores course through the enamel to the subsurface demineralization, where the main body of the lesion is located.

 After less than an hour, the treatment was over and she told me that my next appointment would be for Oral Prophylaxis, Periodontal Measurements, Flouridization and  Restoration (Composite Fillings) Treatment which should done four months after.  She endorsed me to the reception staff to schedule my next visit. As of the moment, I already had a schedule for my next appointment on the third week of November. I’m excited! I am counting the days now for my next visit!



Thanks again for the warm accommodation especially to Dr. Chelsea, the staff nurses and the always welcoming and ever-smiling front service associates for taking care of me the whole time. See you all around!




Medical Plaza – Makati

Suite 1204-1206 & Suite 1708-1709

Amorsolo Street, corner Dela Rosa Street,

Makati City

Contact Number: +63 2 843 – GAOC (4262) / +63 2 917 884 8118

Email Address: info [at]



Instagram: @gaocdental

Clinic Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm

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