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GAOC: Wisdom Teeth Removal

I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and for several days, I looked like I was playing the "chubby bunny challenge" because my left cheek was swollen. Thank God I look normal now! 

Hahaha! Just kidding.


Five years ago, I needed to have my upper and lower right wisdom teeth removed. I had no "go-to" dentist back then so a friend referred a dentist to me. I wasn't briefed about the procedure so I didn't know what to expect and I was really nervous. Good thing the surgery was a success!

Fast forward to today, I was more confident because I anticipated what would happen in the procedure... But I was wrong! My previous experience was nothing compared to my "GAOC experience."

If you read our previous article about our first visit in GAOC, you would know that they are the "5 star dental clinic" in the Philippines. They are consistent with their excellent service and we cannot overemphasize this!

Soooo... let me take you back to the day I had my wisdom teeth removed:

Upon entering the clinic, I signed in, sat down and waited for my turn. During that time, I was offered drinks (take note: they have a menu pa!) while watching a movie of my choice. After a few minutes, they led me to the x-ray room to get a clear image of my teeth. There was a short waiting period after this since they had to prepare my room for surgery. I didn’t mind waiting because I was in a private room, sitting in a comfy couch, with magazines and my own tv. And they just called me in for surgery as soon as my room was ready.

Let me share with you some of the highlights of my GAOC experience:


1. Old experience: It was just me, the dentist and an assistant.

GAOC experience: There was 1 “main” dentist, 1 “secondary” dentist and there were 5 assistants during my surgery. Dr. Steve Gan was even there to oversee the whole procedure.


2. Old experience: All I heard was the cracking of my teeth and the sounds of the equipment

GAOC experience: One of the assistants asked me if I wanted to watch a movie or play music. However, since they covered my face and whole body during the procedure, I just opted to listen to the best playlist ever—90’s to early 2000’s music! The dentists and assistants even sang along so I felt relaxed (and entertained).


3. Old experience: As mentioned earlier, it was just me, the dentist and an assistant. Since the assistant was helping with the equipment and dental instruments, I was the one holding/supporting my jaw while the dentist was performing the surgery. Plus, they didn’t stitch my gums after the surgery so for the longest time, I had holes in my gums. Yikes! Looking back, I can’t believe I had my surgery in that clinic!

GAOC experience: The 2 dentists and 5 assistants had different roles.

  • 2 dentists: Of course, they were in charge of the surgery. They would give me updates from time to time and accommodated my requests/concerns
  • Assistant #1: She supported my head and jaw the entire time. She even massaged my jaw when I was too tired to open my mouth or when it felt painful. 
  • Assistant #2: She was in charge of putting lip balm/petroleum jelly on my lips to make sure it wasn’t dry
  • Assistant #3: She was in charge of the suction
  • Assistant #4 and #5: Helped the 2 dentists with the equipment, dental instruments and the light (to make sure the dentists had a clear view of my teeth)
  • Bonus: Again, as mentioned, Dr. Steve Gan was there to oversee the surgery 

With the best dentists!


4. Old experience: It was just the usual dental equipment and instruments.

GAOC experience: GAOC really invests in their equipment and instruments—complete and top of the line!

5. Old experience: I felt like they just wanted to finish the surgery right away

GAOC experience: Since they cut my teeth into smaller pieces (to make it easier to remove), they really took the time to make sure that nothing was left inside my gums. Before they stitched it up, I even had several x-rays just to be sure.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center has the best service ever. Our personal opinion: GAOC is the best dental clinic in their industry. Worth every peso!



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