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My GAOC Experience

My GAOC Experience



Growing up, I was always afraid to go to the dentist. Just all the sounds, the smell of rubber gloves, the fear of needles poking my gums, the lights and more, all that freaked me out as a kid. Luckily, now that I’m 25 I’ve found a place that has helped me get over my fear of the dentist to the point that I actually look forward to going to the dentist believe it or not. It’s such a great dental clinic in my book because the cleanliness and the professionalism of the clinic really was a plus for me. One of the main reasons I’ve told my parents, my cousins, friends and even my boyfriend to visit the clinic! Which reminds me, gotta make time and schedule a visit for cleaning real soon. Anyways, back to my post.. Time for me to share with you all my GAOC experience!


When I first walked in GAOC for my initial cleaning and consultation, I was both nervous and excited about it in the beginning but good thing the staff made sure to help me feel relaxed by not only being so kind but offering me some coffee or tea at the lobby as well. As I waited for my room to get ready, I watched a movie on the screen they have by the receptionists’ table and then a few minutes later.. It was finally time!


I was all smiles because the moment I sat down, I was given a movie menu that I got to browse so I could watch something as they cleaned my teeth. I picked one of my favorites, The Grand Budapest Hotel and before I knew it, my cleaning was done! Painless. I’m sure it depends on the situation of how your teeth are as well as your pain tolerance. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but my teeth are pretty sensitive but it was a breeze being on that chain cause luckily for me, no pain during my cleaning and I hope to keep it that way! After that, I was brought to the consultation room where THE Dr. Gan himself spoke to me about his dental plans for me.


We agreed on a few things to do but the first on our agenda was the Lip Repositioning as well as a Gum Recontourinprocedure. I was glad that Dr. Gan suggested those to me to start with because my smile was always something I was so conscious about, luckily now I love my smile and with Dr. Gan and the GAOC teams help — I’m ready to achieve that perfect smile!


Before I end this post, I’d like to tell you all something. The photo above was taken before the procedure and the photo below was shot after. You can honestly see a big difference between the before and after smile. I cannot put into words how much of a confidence boost this procedure has given me. There might have been a struggle after (considering I got it done on the 23rd of December) because I got it during the Christmas season but it’s because I was given the chance to have a specialist named Dr. Nicola from Italy work his magic on me! The experience was something I’ve never gone through before but I don’t regret it.


Thank you to everyone in the GAOC team that always makes me feel calm and at home whenever I visit. Looking forward to achieve my dream smile of mine. Can’t wait to go back! See you all at GAOC!

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