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Three Reasons Why GAOC Dental is Such a Hit Among Celebrities

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would have heard your favorite artist/celeb thank Dr. Steve Mark Gan or GAOC Dental for their pearly white smiles. This got me curious, so i took a trip to the GAOC Dental clinic located at The Residences at Greenbelt (TRAG) to see for myself if the hype is as good as it supposed to be.


I'm deathly scared of dentists and i really don't like to have my teeth checked. But to my surprise, GAOC Dental is the only dental clinic that has convinced me to take the plunge and get my teeth fixed. After the consultation with the dentists, i finally figured why celebs (and non-celebs,too!) trust only GAOC Dental when it comes to their oral/dental hygiene:


a. Quality of service. The service of GAOC cannot be matched by other dental clinics here in Manila. Staff sees to it that they remind you of your appointments and the dentists are very thorough when explaining procedures to patients. Everyone is very professional with the work they do for the clinic.


b. Hi-tech equipment/facilities. One of the things that scared me the most about dentists are the equipment they use. I wasn't too convinced that the tools were actually clean or sterile. When i toured the clinic at TRAG, i was so psyched that even dental equipment can already be so hi-tech! And you're sure that the tools are sterile because they open the pack right in front of you.


c. Available specialists. It was only at GAOC where i learned that there are several types of dental specializations depending on your needs. These specialists are available at the clinic to answer your questions anytime.


With these reasons alone, i don't see why you would even want your teeth checked by other dental clinics. 

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