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A World-Class Dental Center in the Philippines

GAN ADVANCED OSSEOINTEGRATION CENTER (GAOC): A World-Class Dental Center in the Philippines

 JUNE 19, 2016 0

It’s Not Just a Smile; it’s A Statement

GAN ADVANCED OSSEOINTEGRATION CENTER (GAOC) is a multispecialty dental center in the Philippines offering and specializing in comprehensive dental services such as dental implants, oral diagnostics, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. GAOC chain of clinics takes pride of its state-of-the-art equipment, facility and technology that is comparable to contemporary clinics in the US and Europe. GAOC is represented by the dynamic group of competent and well-experienced resident dentists honed continuously through rigorous trainings locally and internationally like the US, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore.



Photo courtesy of GAOC (grabbed from GAOC’s facebook page)


GAOC aligned itself as the “luxury” dental destination in Manila and the first to explore the concept of “Dental Tourism” in the country providing high-end dental care at significant cost savings but similar services offered by other developed countries. The clinic has five branches around the key commercial areas in the metro; the Greenbelt Residences and Medical Plaza in Makati City, St. Luke’s Hospital in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City and Trinoma Mall and Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City.

Founded and established by the famous dental surgeon popularly known as the “dentist of the stars”, Dr. Steve Mark Gan. Dr. Gan carries outstanding accomplishments recognized locally and internationally. He underwent a one-year residency in prosthodontics at the University of Southern California and go through his further studies via a 10-month Mini-Residency in Prosthodontic Implant Training at the University of California in Los Angeles. He is the current Chairman of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board of Dentistry appointed by the President of the Philippines and member of various global and local dental associations.


Dr. Steve Mark Gan, World-Renowned Dental Surgeon and Iconic Founder of GAOC (photo grabbed from GAOC’s facebook page)

GAOC’s brings on advanced treatment rooms (4), operating rooms (3) and one main operating room. Each room is consists of modern dental chairs and other auxiliary equipment, computer system to analyze the patients oral health and plasma television sets which shows the procedure the patient is about to undergo . The patient is required to wear plastic head cap and shoe cover inside the operating room to guarantee cleanliness and sanitation. There’s a sensor-operated sliding glass doors to maintain exclusivity for each rooms and WIFI-ready connection all-over the clinic.


Photo courtesy of GAOC (photo grabbed from GAOC’s Facebook page)




The spacious reception area exudes a refreshing atmosphere, relaxing ambiance and modern interiors equipped with plasma television sets, precisely making GAOC an impressive destination for advanced dental center. The friendly and well-trained front service staff cordially assists and accommodates the needs and concerns of the patients while waiting for their appointment schedule and warmly reminds patients the confirmed treatment schedule via call or SMS message.






GAOC is a well-equipped dental center offering first-rate services providing a one-stop holistic and diagnostic approach to treating patients:

  • General Dentistry pertains to usual dentistry services from general cleaning to composite fillings, orthodontic treatment, endodontic treatment and complete oral examinations and x-rays.
  • Dental Implant is a surgical procedure that replaces tooth or bridge with artificial teeth that is an alternative to dentures or bridgework.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of the mouth (teeth and gums) through various procedures like whitening, reshaping and closing spaces and contouring gums and teeth.
  • Prosthodontics specializes in treatment planning, diagnosis and maintenance of patients with missing or deficient teeth.
  • Restorative Dentistry is the diagnostic to treat diseases of the teeth and their supporting structures to maintain a strong oral health.
  • Oral Surgery is dedicated to the treatment of diseases commonly performed to remove wisdom teeth, third molars management and repair jaw problems.


Photo courtesy of GAOC (grabbed from GAOC’s facebook page)




True to its company statement, “It’s Not Just a Smile; It’s a Statement”, GAOC offers superior diagnostic treatment services and latest technology for dental health bringing confidence in every smile.


My First-Class, First-Rate and Exceptional GAOC Dental Experience

During my first session, I stayed first in the very immaculate and freshly-scent consultation room designed to provide personalized services to its client dental services complimented by its advanced computer scanning software and diagnostic equipment’s and TV screen showing GAOC’s different dental services and frequently ask questions from the patients. There are displays of sample implants and other models such as teeth, braces, retainers, crowns, dentures, bridges, basic instruments (gloves, masks, and mirror) among others.  I was able to meet the amiable and gorgeous Dr. Jackie Dos Santoswho examined the precise and recommended treatment suited for me.




Next session I undertook is the Panoramic X-ray to check and examine the general condition of my teeth and jaw. The X-ray process features the latest technological breakthroughs as it is instantly transmitted on the TV in the room assigned to me for my treatment. I meant to say you will know immediately the result of the x-ray which is the basis of your dental treatment/procedure to be done on the same day. So high-tech, amazing! Unlike in other clinics, you have to go back after few days before the actual diagnostic procedure.



I experienced and underwent complete, high-grade and precision dental services with paramount amount of expertise and care facilitated by Dr. Venjie Bangkoy, a board examination topnotcher.

Dr. Venj took a photo (Intra and Extra Oral) of the lower arch as well as the outside area of my mouth using occlusal dental mirror. The next step is the Impression Taking to take the mold of my teeth for diagnostic purposes using alginate. Then, they asked me to do Bite Registration using bite wax to further check the condition of my teeth. The next step I had is the Oral Prophylaxis, a general procedure for teeth cleaning to remove build-up of plaque (food debris) and calcular (tartar) deposits. Next step is the Periodontal Measurements to measure the amount of bone loss on each tooth. The treatment procedure commenced with the Flouridization treatment, a topical application of fluoride to strengthen the tooth structure.




With Dr. Venjie Bangkoy

I visited the clinic for a series of Restoration (Composite Fillings) Treatments to restore the function of my tooth replacing missing or damaged tooth structure. Thanks to the adept and well-skilled group of dentists for taking care of me during the series of restoration treatmentsThey are Dr. Samantha Yago,Dr. Abbie AsisDr. Chelsea Padin and Dr. Corrine Llavor.


With Dr. Samantha Yago



With Dr. Abbie Asis


With Dr. Chelsea Padin


With Dr. Corrine Llavor

One of the unforgettable memories of my GAOC experience is the Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment, one of the most conservative cosmetic procedures as it is an effective way to lighten the natural color of the teeth without removing the tooth surface or damaging it. The whole procedure was facilitated by one of GAOC’s trusted oral surgeons, the very caring and gentle Dr. Kathrina Tan. I had a very relaxing procedure, first is they rubbed a protective gel to protect the soft issue of my  gums followed by a bleaching agent applied to my teeth. Next step (I considered the highlight) is when my whole teeth were covered by the special light or laser used to enhanced the action of the bleaching agent. Again, it’s so high-tech and so advanced! I can attest it!



After the procedure, I was given few reminders of the Do’s and Dont’s printed in a sheet of paper. How nice that they are really concerned about the patient’s condition by giving a post-consultation with the dentist and of course the take home assignment posted in the sheet of paper. Oh Yes! Not to forget as well the messages sent via SMS the following day checking about my condition.


GAOC upholds the following excellent features and top-notch practices:

  • They offer generous complimentary drinks (coffee, juices, sodas and bottled water) and reading materials of different interest (magazines, newspapers) to keep the guests entertained while waiting for their turn and schedule appointment.
  • There’s a list of latest (even old ones) movies to watch – both local and foreign. Yes, you read it right! You all have the pleasure for a relaxing movie marathon while having your treatment simultaneously further cementing GAOC’s dedication to patient care. I was able to watch again my all-time favorite movie Spider Man 1 and 2. Also I was able watch Everest, General Luna and That Thing Called Tadhana (kilig!) on my next series of visits.
  • A warm reminder from their courteous staff (sent via sms/phone call) is made a day before to confirm the booked appointment of the client.





Smile is contagious. Visit any GAOC branch near you to achieve your dream smile.






As always, many thanks GAOC and Dr. Steve for taking care of my confident smile.




With Dr. Steve Mark Gan and Dr. Jackie Dos Santos




The Residences at Greenbelt

G/F The Residences at Greenbelt Building, Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City

Contact Numbers: +63 20 940 9920 / +63 917 521 3447

Email Address: trag [at] gaocdental.com

Medical Plaza Makati

Suite 1201-1206 & Suite 1708-1709, Amorsolo Street corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati City

Contact Numbers: +63 2 846GAOC (4262) / +63 917 884 8118

Email Address: info [at] gaocdental.com

St. Luke’s Bonifacio Global City

Unit 938 Medical Arts Building, St. Lukes Medical Center,

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact Numbers: + 63 2 940 9920 / +63 917 521 3447

Email Address: slmc [at] gaocdental.com

Robinsons Magnolia

3rd Level, Robinsons Magnolia Aurora Blvd. corner Doña M. Hemady Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City

Contact Numbers: 63 2 940 9920 / +63 917 521 3447

Email Address: trag [at] gaocdenat.com

Trinoma Mall

Unit 3099, Level 3 (across Powerbooks)

Epifanio de los Santos (EDSA) corner North Avenue, Quezon City

Contact Numbers: +63 2 901 10720 / +63 917 597 4784

Email Address: gaoctrinoma [at] gaocdental.com

Website: www.gaocdental.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gaocdental/

Instagram: @gaocdental

Clinic Hours: Open Daily 8:30am to 5:30pm

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