GAOC: Give Yourself and Your Love Ones a Pearly-White Teeth and Healthy Smile this Christmas! | Gan Advanced Osseointegation Center

GAOC: Give Yourself and Your Love Ones a Pearly-White Teeth and Healthy Smile this Christmas!

GAOC: Give Yourself and Your Love Ones a Pearly-White Teeth and Healthy Smile this Christmas!

 NOVEMBER 24, 2016 0

I’m sure everyone is going crazy these days looking for the perfect Christmas gift for you and your love ones. Your gift shows how much you love yourself and value a person you love for a job-well done, great-lasting friendship and simply, you know exactly what your parents, siblings and friends wanted to have. It could be an online Christmas shopping with exclusive deals and free shipping, new gadgets, custom made jewelries and bracelets, top-of-the-line watches, trendy and stylish clothes and a lot more!

What if you try to deviate into something worthwhile and sensible that is not the usual scene during the annual gift-giving (though it could be during ordinary times)? How about giving yourself and your love ones a pearly-white teeth and healthy smile adding more confidence and coolness to your total well-being?  Sounds good, right? And yes, no one can ever take away from you that unforgettable experience of pampering yourself on a high note yet maintaining a well-deserved healthy lifestyle.

Why don’t you give it a try and let GAN Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) satisfy and pamper you big time with its multispecialty dental services offering a world-class, advanced and comprehensive dental services that you will absolutely cherish for a lifetime. I’m really sure it’s going to be amazing, trust me!


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Now, let me share with you guys my first-rate dental experience in GAOC during my visit a few days ago at their Greenbelt Residences branch in Makati City. After a year of having my annual consultation, I got a call from one of their friendly customer service staff (Ms. Hannah) reminding me for my appointment. Despite the peak schedule, I was able to get a slot on a Saturday afternoon (GAOC staff (will) always find the fit schedule for its clients no matter what! Kudos to you Ms. Hannah).




On my actual visit, nothing had change with the warm and receptive accommodation from the staff from the on-duty guard to the front services associates, they will take care of you while waiting for your appointment despite their busy schedule. One of the front service staff (I forgot the name but many thanks for attending all my concerns hehe) offered me a complimentary drinks (flavorful mango juice) and even asked if I want to watch my favorite movie (as in my choice) on the big TV screen in the reception area. That’s what you call an excellent customer service! Actually, I don’t really mind if I keep on waiting as there are a lot of things to do like reading the latest newspapers from the three leading broadsheets, magazines of different interest (I was able to read a feature about GAOC and Dr. Steve Mark Gan from a high-profiled magazine) and a complimentary Wifi connection which is keeping me updated about what’s happening on social media. Plus, it feels so good to stay in the spacious and neatly-arranged reception area that has a semblance to a hotel lobby or a posh spa complimented by its bright lights, relaxing atmosphere, classy interiors, comfy long bench, a big TV screen showing latest movies adding fun and entertainment and of course the ever-smiling and friendly front service associates in the reception area ably handling all the needs and concerns of their waiting clients.

While waiting, the humble and very welcoming Dr. Steve Mark Gan (World-Renowned Dental Surgeon and Founder of GAOC) approached me and we had a short conversation before he went back to his meeting. It was nice meeting you Dr. Steve!




One of the staff eventually informed me that the treatment room I’ll be having a consultation and treatment had been prepared already for my scheduled treatment. From a relaxing atmosphere of the reception area to the finely-detailed and very clean treatment room as well as the assigned dentist welcomed me, I was like having a complete pampering experience in a premier hotel or a spa. The staff nurse immediately asked me to select my favorite movie to watch while undergoing my treatment (oh yeah, they have the latest movies already in the list! Amazing! I chose Train to Busan (haha) since I wasn’t able to watch the movie in the big screen and it was a noisemaker among many movie fanatics). Then, I was introduced to its new resident dentist who will handle my consultation and treatment, the soft-spoken, well-informed (to many of my questions about dentistry/dental medicine) and charming Dr. Gelene Roleda.


Dr. Gelene is very composed (despite her very young age) and you can see how passionate she is in her craft. We started with the General Consultation about my teeth after a year I had my last consultation and 6 months after my last treatment and she presented instantaneously the old photo of my X-ray taken last November 2015 and recounted the previous treatments I underwent.

General Consultation usually pertains to the initial visit with the clinic where you will be giving few information and orientation about the clinic including the different types of services and the ideal plan of care and recommended treatment that will improve both your dental health and your smile appearance.

After the general consultation, I started my Oral or Dental Prophylaxis, a general cleaning procedure performed thoroughly to clean the teeth, including removal of plaque and other extrinsic stains. This is also a good preventive measure for control of Gingivitis.




Next session I undertook is the Panoramic-Xray, a technologically-advanced procedure performed to scan the upper and lower jaw showing a two-dimensional view of a half-circle from ear-to-ear to check and examine the general condition of the teeth and jaw. On the same day, I was able to receive the actual panoramic X-ray photo sent to my personal email address (was able to check it at night). Very nice!




Lastly, Dr Gelene told me that I’ll be having my annual Flouridization, a topical application of fluoride to strengthen the tooth structure and reducing the incidence of dental decay, commencing my annual treatment before my next appointment on May 2017 next year.



The following day (Sunday) around 9 in the morning, I got an SMS message from Princess (a customer service staff) checking my condition after the treatment. One of the excellent features and good about GAOC aside from its advanced dental services are the paramount expertise and utmost care and attention given to their clients.

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, I am confidently delighted to share my alluring smile in the upcoming events and parties I’ll be attending with. Of course, I want to encourage everyone to take care of your teeth as much as possible. We should not be taking dental hygiene for granted. Remember that gadgets and other tangible materials depreciates and dwindles unlike your signature smile will always be your statement for a lifetime.

So guys, if you are still thinking for the perfect gift this Christmas, I highly recommend to visit GAOC branch near you for your well-deserved consultation and treatment. Share your noticeable and fabulous smile anytime, anywhere! Remember, It’s not just Smile, It’s a Statement!

Thanks again GAOC and Dr. Steve Mark Gan for this superb Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas everyone!




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The Residences at Greenbelt

G/F The Residences at Greenbelt Building, Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City

Contact Numbers: +63 20 940 9920 / +63 917 521 3447

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Clinic Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm

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