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NOVEMBER 30, 2016

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When you hear the word dentist, what first comes to your head? Pain? Long lines? Squeaky clean teeth? Braces? Personally for me it was braces and long lines. I sort of looked forward to going to my old dentist ’cause each session was one step to a better smile (and I get to update the color or my brace rubbers) but at the same time, I dreaded it because sometimes, I’d spend almost an hour (maybe even more) waiting in line. It was dreadful… and very boring.


But that’s the thing, I bet most of us dread going to the dentist but it’s one of those things in life that we must do for our own sake. I mean yeah, skipping your checkup now may be a reasonable thing to do when you don’t feel any pain yet but don’t tell me your dentist didn’t warn you when you start seeing your front teeth slowly going grey. Yup, cavities are sneaky like that.

So it’s mandatory. If that’s the case, better get the most out of it. Why not pick the best? But wait, hold up, let’s talk about what I mean about “best” here.

There are things dental clinics are supposed to do. Cure your toothache, pull out your wisdom tooth, patch up your cavities, whiten them not-so-pearly-whites… and then there are clinics who go beyond that. They do all the things dental clinics are supposed to do and more… and they do it with meticulous quality and service.

GAOC is that kind of clinic. They go beyond your expectations when it comes to the quality of their services, but is that what makes them the best in my book? Yes it makes them the leading clinic in our country but no, that’s not completely why I love them.

I love them because they make going to a dentist, not feel like going to a dentist. I love them because they make something so clinical, so medical, and turn it into something else, something pleasurable, something that seamlessly blends into the leisure part of our everyday lives. I love them because they make a very mundane mandatory thing, something that you would rather skip and turn it into something so luxe, something to look forward to.

Let me get into the details:



First thing’s first: the waiting game. Thankfully at GAOC, you don’t usually have to wait such a long time before it’s your turn as long as you come on time for your appointment. Unfortunately for me, I am almost never on time. Though 15-20 minutes is usually the longest you’ll ever wait here (unless you’re super late… like me). I don’t get impatient at all. One thing I’ve noticed about the waiting area in GAOC is that they have a super wide array of magazines you can choose from. They have fashion magazines, lifestyle magazines, fitness magazines, business magazines. I mean it! Whatever you’re into I’m sure they have something for you. It’s a little detail, but it just shows how much GAOC values each and every one of their clients from all fields. I find it very considerate.


If you’re not really into magazines or reading in general, well lucky you cause GAOC made sure those types don’t get bored waiting as well. They show movies in the waiting area too and not just any movies! We’re talking about the latest, hyped up movies here. A dental clinic with a much, much updated movie library than mine…. I feel lame now. Sometimes I get too absorbed in the movie I even forget I was there for a dental appointment. Really.


As if all this VIP treatment for my eyes isn’t enough, the lovely hosts from GAOC also offers coffee, tea, or juice. I’ve got a movie, a drink… perhaps next time I can bring some popcorn too? Kidding!

In all seriousness, I really appreciate GAOC for going beyond what a clinic is ought to do.



Not really related to services, but adds to the overall feel of not going to a supposed medical place, plus I am in love with industrial style interiors. A little disclaimer though, I’ve only been to their Greenbelt clinic, so I haven’t personally seen the other branches but word out there suggests that it’s just as nice.


Another small detail that completely left me at awe is their bathroom. It. Literally. Looks. Like. A. Hotel. Room’s. Bathroom. A five star hotel, that is. It’s complete with luxurious lotions and scents, just in case you want to freshen up after your appointment. Oh, and they have a trash can that automatically opens and closes when it senses motion. So very high tech.



Now, this is my favorite part. Save the best for last as they say. I know I’ve mentioned that they show a movie in their waiting area, but this is an entirely different experience from that. First, you get to choose which movie you like from their super updated movie list… this part is a big deal, it’s not just some random movie shown to you to pass the time, it’s a movie you chose, you want to watch. Too many times that I’ve been wanting to watch a specific movie and I was able to watch it during one of my dental sessions. It’s a really cool thing that you can do something fun during a not-so-fun activity. Figure out who the killer really is while the dentist drills away and kills all the cavities. You feel me? It’s a super effective distraction too. I’m way too engrossed in the movie to mind much of the pain of whatever treatment I’m getting. BUT, a big but… pain really isn’t much of an issue too. The dentists are all so very gentle and they really make sure that they don’t go over your pain threshold. Sometimes I even continuously assure them that I can take it, don’t mind me… I’ll just be watching this movie here hihi.

Now, don’t get confused about my article… perhaps some of you expected that I would talk about dental stuff. The tools, the facilities, the effectiveness, if there are any down times. No. I don’t really want to talk about that, I’m not really in the position to talk about the technicals too ’cause I don’t know much about it. As for how the actual services are and its effectiveness, I’m sure there are a lot of sites here and there who will verify GAOC‘s excellence. There’s no doubt about that area, they’re A+++ grade. Like I said, I wanted to talk about the little details. The things that made my experience with GAOC not quite like other dental clinics. What for me, set them apart from the rest. What they did that was beyond of what they were supposed to do.

I love GAOC and it’s the only dental clinic I’ll ever go to ♥

If you want to know more about them, like where their clinics are and what services they offer, drop by at:



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