Growing up, dental appointments weren't really something I looked forward to and it's mainly coz of the experience. It’s also all the stuff a dentist does that creeps me out – the drilling, extractions, the filling. Who can blame you for that? A dental chair can combine the sum of all fears… with pain, needles, doctors, confined-spaces, loud noises.

It won't be painful she said. It would only feel like an ant just bit you, she said. I guess this is where all my trust issues started haha. I wouldn't say I have dental fear but with a few appointments with GAOC, the anxiety that's planted in me is slowly implanted out. When I first visited the clinic, I was really blown away with their services, both in dental care and from their staff. Here's why I really recommend you going to GAOC and why they should be the only clinic you should go to.

1. GAOC doesn't feel like a clinic. I have a number of second homes (if I think about it) and I am already considering this on the list. I already had numerous visits to the clinic and every appointment is really something I look forward to. Every time I look at my planner, I always feel a bit giddy seeing an appointment on the day. It's different when a place feels like home. I love how the receiving area makes you feel comfortable, and that's why it feels homey!

2. Really welcoming staff. The moment you step into the clinic, you'll be greeted with smiles from the front desk. They're prolly the easiest strangers to talk to. But they aren't strangers now. This is also why it feels homey there too! :) During my first visit to the clinic, I posted that everyone was just too kind and they felt like family I wanted to hug them instantly haha. I've met Dr. Gan once and he himself also really checks up on you and also meticulously discussed my dental issues and what needs to be done.

3. The welcome party. Not only do they welcome you with smiles and greetings. As you sit down and wait for the treatment room to be ready, you have magazines to read and they also will be serving you with some ice cold water, iced tea or juice.

4. Technology. With their new technology, treatments are less painful, or aren't painful anymore. The last time they had my teeth done, my dentist said "It's gonna be a little painful. This'll make your teeth sensitive". The last time someone told me it's not gonna be painful, it was. With GAOC, you're gonna have your trust issues mended. Haha. I've read a lot of people's posts about their experience in the clinic and most of them mentioned it was "quick and painless". And it's true! One more thing too! They have their own space for you examinations. Most of the dental clinics ask you to go to a third party clinic to have your teeth examined. Here, you don't need to go elsewhere. By having an on-site laboratory, what usually takes ordinary clinics to produce in three weeks, GAOC can produce in few days. How convenient and easy is that!

5. The view. I love that the treatment rooms have a really great view. Not only do you have an amazing view from the window (normal clinics limit your view, making you claustrophobic [lol]) but you can also pick a movie while being treated. They'll hand you an iPad where you can choose your movies from. They have an amazing selection of movies to choose from, btw. So far from the treatments I've had, I already watched (1) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2) Magic in the Moonlight (3) Office Christmas Party (4) The Edge of Seventeen. I remember a funny incident while I was being treated. The cry baby and very emotional person I am, while I was watching The Edge of Seventeen, a tear dropped from the corner of my eye. The dentist thought I was in pain coz she was drilling through my teeth hahahaha. Instead of me saying "No doc, wa may sakit. Ang movie rani", I just laughed and let her assume hahahehe. 

6. The lectures. If you already feel guilty or embarrassed about your situation, the last thing you want is reasons to feel worse. I love that my doctors tell me everything I need to know about the procedures they're doing and what I need to do before and after my treatments. They also answer my very random questions about dental problems. Every visit is a new learning opportunity.

Those are a few of the many reasons why #iChooseGAOC and I want you guys to experience that too! Dental care has never been this glamorous! There should never be a doubt or question why many choose to be with GAOC than the other clinics. Visit them or inquire at:

SM Seaside City Cebu
Corner SRP-Mambaling Road
Cebu South Coastal Rd
6000 Cebu City Cebu
+63 2 410-9414
+63 917 840-4262
smseaside [at]


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