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I know most people have heard that smiling helps boost ones mood even if you’re not happy. That’s why Charlie Chaplin’s famous song says, “Smile though your heart is aching.” But did you know that smiling has more benefits than just brightening up your spirits? Here’s a list of some of the more reasons why you should keep showing off that stunning smile.

  1. A cooler head makes for a better day


Studies have theorized that your facial expressions can change the mood of a person. A research done by Dr. Robert Zajonc states that when a person is smiling, the temperature in the brain is lower and cooler, making him/ her feel calmer and more relaxed, thus inducing a more positive feeling.


  1. Smile that stress away


Have you also heard that smiling reduces the amount of stress hormones that your body secretes? Cortisol, a hormone that elevates heart rate and increases blood pressure is one of the stress hormones that smiling helps reduce.


  1. Attract people with your gorgeous smile


Wouldn’t you agree with me if I told you that someone who likes to smile is a much friendlier person? Smiling more often will not only help you lighten up your mood, but it will also make you more attractive and appear more approachable. Aren’t all people more attractive when they smile? Wouldn’t you flash your most beautiful smile to your crush? I know I would (*wink).


  1. A smiling face is a sun on a dark and rainy day

Did you ever have a bad day and you just feel like you’ve had enough? And then you meet with a friend and he’s/she’s having the best day and they’re all smiles? At first you get annoyed, but eventually you catch their happy vibes and you start to forget being grumpy. The best thing about smiling is that it’s free and contagious. Whenever you have the chance, smile at anyone or better yet everyone you meet. Whether it’s the man in the elevator, the cook at the cafeteria, driver of a taxi, or a cashier at a fast food restaurant, go ahead and smile at them. You never know who’s having a tough time and a friendly face may be all they need to help brighten up the dark day.


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Article by :  Dr. Chiara Macam

                   General Dentistry

                   Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center



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