Dr. Cornejo is one of the outstanding and exceptional Orthodontic consultant of GAOC. A graduate of Doctor of Medical Dentistry from the esteemed Centro Escolar University in 1991, she finished her post-graduate training program in Orthodontics at New York University in 1997.She has an extensive experience in the field of Orthodontics having various formal and hands on trainings abroad. An attendee of MBT Orthodontic Treatment program in San Diego, California, USA in 2003 and the Straight Wire Low Friction Braces Seminar at Suarez, Spain in 2006.She has further honed her skills in the field by attending trainings and seminars in Cacciafesta, Italy and in Suarez, Spain. As proof of excellence in her field, she has recently finished her Invisalign Training Course in Australia and is a member of the Philippine Dental Association and the International Association for Orthodontics.