Cosmetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics

Dr. Reambonanza is a graduate of Doctor of Dental Medicine at Centro Escolar University in 2008. After earning her dental license that same year, she embarked on a challenging life as a practicing clinical dentist. Her persistent enthusiasm and undying passion for excellence made her determined to focus on the exciting world of cosmetic dentistry. She is a member of the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry which played a special role in honing her artistry. Over the years, it has always been her commitment to boost her knowledge in dentistry by attending numerous seminars and training programs in Singapore, Malaysia, and in the U.S.

 She admits that being part of the best dental team in the Philippines is not always easy. When asked about what inspires her in her job, she answers " Improving a patient's smile is very rewarding. It feels great when a patient is very happy with their new smile and knowing that you have helped them become more confident and positive in their outlook in life"