“I’m a sports enthusiast and I’ve always been a team player. On my first visit to GAOC, I noticed immediately that each staff work well in teaming environment, which is crucial in achieving a common goal. Dr. Gan and his team customized my dental treatment plan to suit my needs. Each staff are well trained with broad skills and I am the living testimony when I had my dental treatment done under their case. GAOC also values the customer’s relationship and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. I’m glad I found my dental haven! Thank you GAOC!”

Piolo Pascual


“It gives me comfort to know that they have the best doctors and the best patient care, and I only trust GAOC with my dental needs… they have high-tech equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Their clinics they really have the best clinics that are comparable to 5-star hotels. Dr. Steve Mark Gan is the best dental surgeon in the country – he totally changed the landscape of Dentistry in the Philippines.”

Bea Alonzo


“I trust GAOC to perform basic to
complicated procedures – Dr. Gan actually did my teeth himself. He pulled out my wisdom teeth within 5 minutes, it was painless. Every time I go to GAOC I’m always relaxed, and calm, and I always have a good time. I get to watch a movie while getting my teeth cleaned and i don’t have to worry about feeling any pain at all, the doctors are just such an expert in their field and the personnel and staff are very friendly and sweet. I love GAOC”

Liza Soberano


“I’ve been with GAOC since I started in the industry, so more or less 10 years. Since I set my feet in Manila, they are the best clinic for me- especially their machines and facilities. GAOC’s technologies are very innovative, very up-to-date if I may say, they are really hi-tech. Their nurses and staff are very accommodating and friendly, I feel well taken care of when I visit their branches. To add to that, Doctor Steve Mark Gan is the best dentist – the best dental surgeon in the country! He’s very attentive and caring, not only to me but to all his patients. He makes everyone feel like a VIP.”

Joshua Garcia


“I’ve been with GAOC for such a long time since 2014. GAOC is a safe space. The clinics are so neat and clean, and everybody is so well-protected and very much ready for absolutely any procedure from the most basic to the most complicated. My wisdom teeth removal that was a very nerve-racking experience for me, but everybody made me feel safe and made me feel that everything was going to be okay. Dr. Gan really has a way of making sure that you know it is critical but it’s not impossible to have a smooth and successful surgery. He’s the best. Need I say more?”

Julia Barretto


“To be honest, when I first came in I knew I could trust GAOC – not only because of their equipment and facilities- but also because of the warmth of the staff. It is very clear how professional they are, and how they are the experts in the field… because you know from the get-go that all of them are very good at what they do- that’s why I will always recommend GAOC to everyone I get to speak to, every chance I get. GAOC really has established that they are the best in the industry. With GAOC, you know you are in the right hands.”

Andrea Brillantes


“I would like to thank Dr. Gan and the staff of GAOC a hundred times for helping me with my teeth! Now, I’m more confident to smile to all my fans. Thank you for being so accomodating to me! From basic general cleaning to complex dental surgery, you’re simply the best!”

Kim Chiu


Experience the pinnacle of advanced and premium dental care with GAOC, the leading destination for those who seek world-class treatments delivered by a team of highly skilled and experienced dental experts.

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