EMERSON AMURAO, DMD | Gan Advanced Osseointegation Center


General Dentistry

Dr. Emerson Amurao, obtained his degree in Dental Medicine at the University of the East in Manila. During his college years, he was an active member of the Rotaract Club and Clinicians' Clube and has exposed himself to a number of dental missions to gain first-hand experience. Dr. Amurao has also attended a number of training and seminars focused on Cosmetic Dentistry, and he is a graduate of PAED.

Dr. Emerson has undeniable passion with dentisty. With his years with GAOC, the endless passion for the craft is what he loves the most; the overwhelming hunger for excellence is what keeps him going But Dr. Amurao is not always thinking about work. On his days off, he enjoys going on food trips. He loves exploring different restaurants, and venturing our to different places in or out of the metro. And he also enjoys cooking!